Inspiration for these textiles were taken from Pre Columbian, Mexican Malacates spindle whorls.
These objects of baked clay, in the form of small receptacles are circular in section and have a circular hole through the centre. Some were moulded by hand and others were mass produced.
Many were covered with lustre slips and decorated with stamped or incised designs, either abstract or representing people, animals and plants.
These spindle whorls were found in the oldest Mexican digs and were common just before the conquest.

The designs were cut from hand made felt and appliqued on a painted and embroidered canvas. A variety of stitches were executed in wool and embroidery threads.




 Topknots and Cockades, Keepsakes, Mother and Baby.


 Textiles produced after the Threads of  Feeling exhibition at the Foundling museum.





After Yayoi Kusama

Grandama and I
A combination of my grandmother's weaving, my hand made felt end embroidery.


Swedish Flora


More inspiration from Swedish flora.







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